Romania Women

Seeking man Buzau Dea_didi

looking for the trurth.sto cercando la verita

Dea_didi, 32 years old, Buzau
Seeking man Bucharest Kaspia

I am a woman, 42 years old, seeking a man from 41 till 51

Kaspia, 42 years old, Bucharest
Seeking man Lugoj Dyamaria


Dyamaria, 37 years old, Lugoj
Seeking man Brasov Arcdeciel


Arcdeciel, 48 years old, Brasov
Seeking man Cluj-Napoca Lil_lee0919

I am a woman, 27 years old, seeking a man from 26 till 36

Lil_lee0919, 27 years old, Cluj-Napoca
Seeking man Turnu Severin Maruntelu


Maruntelu, 28 years old, Turnu Severin
Seeking man Iasi Alina7819

I am a woman, 39 years old, seeking a man from 39 till 46

Alina7819, 39 years old, Iasi
Seeking man Sibiu Tia1095

I am a woman, 58 years old, seeking a man from 59 till 66

Tia1095, 58 years old, Sibiu
Seeking man Timisoara Cori69


Cori69, 47 years old, Timisoara
Seeking man Bucharest Girlsweety

I have 22 years old,I'm a pretty girl,I'm looking for a strong and smart man.

Girlsweety, 29 years old, Bucharest
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